God fearing husband almost killed his wife

Don’t feel like writing any article today but the world needs to see this.

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Even with the bruises, she still looks beautiful..
I’ve said this, and I’ll say it again…
The moment he lays his hands on you…take everything that belongs to u in that house and leave…if you cant, go empty!!!!

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Stop enduring domestic violence… And don’t listen to stupid myopic people that begs you to go back to him…
A beast is a beast!! Don’t wait till he kills you…cos same people who advised u to stay will still blame u for not leaving…
This man should pay for this!!!

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This is bad…
And his bio says…”hardworking and Godfearing”..
Lord have mercy

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But then again….

A facebook user commented “When you seek for affluence and not true love, this is what you get. Most girls shun sincere heart and opt for quick cash evil-hearted men. Only if she saw the future..maybe she would have considered that poor but progressive minded guy she jilted.” Not trying to support domestic violence but the girl obviously cheated because she is way too beautiful for that man and this is the first time he would lay his hands on her but still when things are not working in your relationship just cut it off. Don’t rush anything the right person will love you and you will love him/her back. Have a happy day and share your thoughts in the comment section


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