Donald Trump’s Twitter burps: A look at his misspelled posts


US President-elect Donald Trump got plenty of attention on Twitter on Saturday for a post ‘accusing China of stealing a US Navy drone’. And guess what? This time it was a typo, not China’s criticism, that became a talking point. 

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US President-elect Donald Trump, who frequently takes to twitter to smear his opponents and clear his name, often has glaring spelling mistakes. (Agency File Photo)




He likely meant to type ‘unprecedented’, since ‘unpresidented’ is not a word.

Trump deleted the tweet after about an hour, replacing it with one correctly using the word ‘unprecedented’.

Last weekend, Trump was criticised on social media for bad spelling in a tweet in which he accused CNN of reporting ‘rediculous’ fake news. Hours later, he put out a fresh tweet correcting the spelling to “ridiculous.”

His Twitter typos are not unprecedented. Trump, who often takes on Twitter to condemn his oppositions has a glaring history of erring.

Since Trump began his campaign in 2015, he has regularly used the Twitter handle, one that reaches to more than 17 million followers. And hiccups were aplenty.

Here are some of the Trump’s Twitter hiccups

In March 2016, shortly before the Arizona state primary, Trump misspelled the name of the state’s capital city.



In January 2016, Trump claimed that Ted Cruz would ‘Loose’ to Hillary Clinton.



Another ‘Shoker’ though he meant ‘Shocker’


‘Payed’ or ‘Paid’

Dumb and Dumber - Trump attempted to ridicule political analyst Lawrence O’ Donnell.

It’s an ‘Honer’ to have him as the next President.

And that’s a ‘Barrack’. Donald Trump misspelled US President Barack Obama’s first name.


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