5 things you should be mindful of when using a public toilet

Highlight StoryIt’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you take the right precautions when using a public toilet. (Shutterstock)


With holidays around the corner, travel junkies must already be gearing up for their upcoming vacation. However, travelling or not, what most of us often ignore is the hygiene in public toilets.

Making sure that an unkept loo does not get you down must always be your top priority. Keeping in mind a few basic steps like using Indian seat toilets and using tissues while touching the doorknob can go a long way in protecting you from infections, says an expert.

* Don’t touch the toilet doorknob

Avoid touching the toilet doorknob with bare hands. Door knobs carry germs from multiple sources and may cause infections. Try using a tissue paper for holding the knob from outside as well as inside before heading out or going in.

* Mind your personal belongings

Take care of your personal belongings. Germs touching your hands can be easily washed out but once they transmit to your belongings such as phone, handbags, etc, they might infect you. Avoid placing your handbags on the floors and hang it on the hook behind the doors.

* Flush it and get out quickly

Flush it, turn around and get out of the toilet. The probability of getting infected with air-borne germs and bacteria while flushing is very high. Always close the lid before you flush, take a small tissue to press the flush button and exit the place quickly.

* Don’t use the hand dryer

Avoid the use of hand dryer, how ever much it might attract you for a quick dry. The blow dryer giving out hot air has the ability to spread the germs present in the air around. To avoid getting infected even after washing hands thoroughly, use a paper towel to dry them. Carry a small handkerchief while you are on the go.

* Use a hand sanitiser

In the end, use a hand sanitiser and you are good to go.


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