‘Live and die together’: Student jumps off mall months after girlfriend

They met on Facebook, fell in love and then ran into family opposition. But they kept a promise of living and dying together.

Highlight StoryEngineering student jumps off a mall in Vaishali three months after his girlfriend killed herself. (Representative photo/ Shutterstock)


A 22-year-old man committed suicide by allegedly jumping off a Vaishali mall, three months after his girlfriend killed herself in a similar manner, police said on Thursday

“I had promised the girl that we will live together and die together…Now that she is gone I have to end my life as well…,” Rinku Meena wrote in what police said was a two-page suicide note found in his pocket.

Meena, an engineering graduate from Karauli in Rajasthan, succumbed to his injuries at a hospital early Thursday, hours after he had jumped off the third floor of the mall.

His girlfriend, a 17-year-old minor based in Ghaziabad, had also allegedly jumped off a mall in east Delhi on September 21, leaving behind a suicide note in which she had hinted at the affair.

The 17-year-old girl, in her suicide note, had hinted at the affair. (HT Photo)

Meena, a farmer’s son, was arrested earlier after the girl’s parents lodged a complaint against him and was released from Ghaziabad jail on November 14.

Police said Meena chose a mall close to the girl’s home in Vaishali. Before jumping off the building, he had deleted all contact numbers from his mobile after sending a text message to a number believed to be of a family-member.

Anil Kumar Yadav, circle officer of Indirapuram, said Meena was identified by his parents after his photo was sent to Karauli police.

“The incident is tragic…His family was (earlier) not ready to get out of jail. He had only recently come out on bail,” Yadav added.

A brief affair

Rinku had told HT after his arrest he met the girl over Facebook after he anonymously sent her a friend request. After online communication for 7-8 months, they had met at a mall in Kaushambi twice and had posed for a photograph.

Ghaziabad Police arrested Rinku Meena on September 25 after his girlfriend allegedly jumped off a mall in east Delhi on September 21. (Sakib Ali/HT File Photo)

He said they had exchanged their mobile phones on her request but he later sold hers as it was an old model.

In his suicide note, he also absolves the girl’s family of any wrongdoing.

“…those people…uncle, aunty and their two sons (family members of the girl) are good people and they have not done anything wrong. Had I not promised the girl of being with her in life and death, I would have not left you…”


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