Want to colour your hair? Try rose gold, the hottest hair trend now

Singer Hillary Duff (L) and reality TV star Kylie Jenner sport rose gold hair. (Instagram)

We may be heading into winter, but when it comes to the hair colour of the moment, things are warming up. ‘Rose gold’ hair, a shade somewhere between blonde and pink, has become the season’s most on-trend look.

Model Hailey Baldwin was the latest star to champion the trend earlier this week, when she posted a photo of herself to Instagram that showed her rocking a colour that was almost candy pink at the roots, and strawberry blonde at the ends.

The fashionista isn’t the only star to have embraced the hue this year — in fact, she is following in the footsteps of her good friend Kylie Jenner, who also had a brief dalliance with blush-coloured tresses back in October, following her surprise transformation into a blonde.

Hilary Duff jumped on the bandwagon earlier in the year with a choppy rose gold bob that had bluish undertones. Women everywhere have picked up on the trend, and there are currently over 55,000 images on Instagram sporting the hashtag #rosegoldhair.

Adding a rose gold tinge to your look is a great way to liven up blonde tresses, and the good news is that the on-point way to wear the colour is with darker roots showing, making it one of the most low-maintenance dye jobs around.

If you are thinking of joining the rose gold army, then hairdresser Stuart Phillips recommends using different shades of pink dye to achieve depth, styling the finished hair into loose waves with straight roots to highlight the various tones.

US hair stylist Guy Tang has also created a tutorial in which he explains the colouring process and highlights how to use extensions for maximum rosy gold impact.


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