Twitter Handles that TwitterNigeria timeline misses: Top 7

imagesGTZ7T98P.jpgTwitterNigeria (or TwitterNG) has been a big deal in the country, as its effect has been felt in the movement for a better Nigeria, a safer Nigeria, a beautiful Nigeria and a fun-loving Nigeria.

Here are some tweeps that made it so, at a time…

  1. @LazyWrita
    You all remember this dude? Well, you won’t, if you were not actively on TwitterNG between 2011 to late 2013 (therabout).
    He was the king of epic replies. He ‘gave birth’ to the prince of epic replies…. Who? Well, read on.

Rumour has it that he is a ‘big boy’ with a ‘big brain’ with a ‘big blog’ and a big pen (- to write, or fingers – to type).
Sir, you are not dead but the new generation on TwitterNG timeline says “ADIEU, PAPA”…….

  1. @TweetOracle
    A saying says “if you don’t know your ancestors, then you’ve lost your home“… Well, I can say significantly that I know more than the ancestors. I know the ORACLE.

If you don’t know AURACOOL (a parody of Oracle), then you don’t know tweetfights, online publicity, trending and how to have the complete fun on TwitterNG timeline.
This Barcelona fan is/was a god on that large African timeline. He boasts of over 1000 trends to his name and handle. He made us know Sugarplum (or Sucreplum_69?) and her likes, with all the drama, dirty talkes, subs and all other fun stuffs attributed to them.
The oracle never dies…. I know he’s somewhere, looking down on his creations and handiworks.
Oh, deity….we will keep your ‘world’ safe for you, while we wait for your return….


3. @tweetMOPOL
Remember the ‘prince of epic replies’ I mentioned earlier on? The supposed ‘son’ of King @LazyWrita? Well, here he is.
Best favs (now called ‘likes‘), best twitter clique boss, best and only cop for tweet thieves, best sub delivery man (till @SubDeliveryGuy), best this, best that….
Sorry for the ‘sentiments’ towards this dude, but #TruthBeTold, he is gooooooooood…..
He had @Ch3oma, @GalacticoHD, @Dharblue, @PrinzGbemi, @Olatostar, @StarBROPE (now @WF_DJ_StarBROPE) and the likes with him and TwitterNG went wild.

There was a time he (almost) had a fight with another guy on TwitterNG but treated it like a matured man. Guess what he did? He said, they should actually meet at a spot in Lagos, Nigeria and fight it out, like real men… Isn’t that just cray? Well, did it happen? Did it not? Hmmmmmn, wait, I can’t say it happened and my Oga at the top will see another thing. So, no one is really sure.
Mopol, I hope you are not catching boys with tattoos and dreadlocks in Ikorodu, Lagos now like the Nigerian Police. Lol…..
With this change in Nigeria that’s frustrating every single soul, your fun-releasing twitter handle will be of great help to many of us….

  1. @DonJazzy
    The first real Nigerian celebrity on the list. The Doro himself.
    Sir, I expected you to employ your boys on Twitter to tweetfight @Olamide_YBNL after the #FvckThatShyt incident during the 2015 Headies in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Well, that’s by the way now………

Boss, the day you retweeted one of my tweets (on the trend, #BabaNowThatYouAreThere, after PMB was declared winner of the 2015 general elections) that said “please, kill the woman that says ‘your account is too low, please recharge’“, I got over 1000 retweets on the tweet itself and over the same amount on your ‘BUHAHAHAHAHA‘ reply to the tweet.
Then, you followed me and I followed back…..and I started thinking we could be good friends but……no, you didn’t even ask for my number (crying…)…..
It’s been a privilege to have had you on TwitterNG timeline, back then….
God bless you, Rrrrreeekado, and the rest of your big record label……..(and I hope you ask for my Instagram account, if not my number)…….

  1. @NikkyButterCup
    Well, twitterNG had issues with you but it won’t have been complete fun if it didn’t have you (and your drama and tweetfights).
    Hope you have recovered from the trauma that the ‘9k incident’ caused. Well, hopefully, you’re a big girl (or mummy) now.
    Your nieces on TwitterNG now will need you tutoring to become what thay want to be…. YOU!!!
    No grudges held, no bitterness left but your (honorable?) fame and handle remains glorified.
    Lastly, abeg, I need money bad bad and 9k naira will be enough, ma…… Lol………

  2. @GalacticoHD
    Before the money, before the baby, before Instagram, TwitterNG was blessed with HighDefinition jokes, HD favs (now ‘likes’) and HD love from this great visionary called @GalacticoHD.
    He was deep, intellectual, weird and funny.
    Co-founder of the HypeLee Empire – the first trend/hype gang on TwitterNG, he was a boss at RT4RT and gives shout-outs to anyone who cares to ask for one.
    He is still active on TwitterNG but now, it’s all for the money (because that’s what really matters, isn’t it?).

To trend, hype, promote, publicize or campaign about yourself, your brand, show, event, company, music and other creatuve works, just contact him.
God bless you, Baba Oba. God bless your hustle……………and guy, don’t you forget my birthday (December 2nd)….

  1. @WF_DJ_StarBROPE
    Formally just @StarBROPE, this guy was there and active between 2011 to 2014, then suddenly went MIA…
    He had/has great favs (likes) and is really sarcastic, so sarcastic then that tweeps on TwitterNG didn’t figure out who/what he was/is…

Generally, he was friends with everyone (except with @NikkyButterCup). He always (or mostly) cheats when it comes to RT4RT, but he gives out shout-outs and so on….
He was an HypeLee member, the, but he ‘fcked up’ and was ex-ed.
His sorry a
s is still tweeting once in a while though but it’s obvious that the vibe ain’t there.
He started one horrific trend back in 2013 or 2014 called #TweetpicYourCleavage and it was on the Trends Map for Nigeria, Africa and the world for 3 days.
Goodluck to him, his love for trap music and his loyalty to everyone.
His IG is the same as his new twitter handle.

There are other people you miss? Let’s know those handles in the comment section.

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