How America’s top comedians are mocking Donald Trump’s lewd video

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump delivers a televised apology for his lewd comments on women. (Reuters/Handout)

On any given day, Donald Trump’s outrageous statements are enough to make him a regular punchline for American comics and late-night talk show hosts. But a video of Trump, where he brags about seducing and groping women, has drawn nothing but merciless mockery.

As an elaborate joke, Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee released a video of her own, which she called an “extremely lewd conversation about men”. Bee’s video hilarious mimics Trump’s obscene language, but directs it at men.

Not content with taking the mickey out of Trump’s comments, Bee trained her guns on his apology next. The official Full Frontal twitter account released a caustic mock-apology statement, calling her video “classic girl talk” to counter Trump’s defence that his comments were “locker-room banter”.

BREAKING: Samantha Bee recorded having extremely lewd conversation about men in 2016.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah put out a tweet chiding the GOP for its continuing endorsement of Trump, borrowing from his vocabulary.

As soon as Trump loses, GOP are gonna act like they were hostages & never liked him- “We couldn’t do anything, he grabbed us by the pussy” 

Not to leave any room for doubt, the Daily Show made it clear what it wanted the GOP to do:

The Daily Show would like to formally withdraw its endorsement of Donald J. Trump.

Late night show host Stephen Colbert posted a video to his Twitter account, where he is seen hearing Trump’s comments for the first time and reacting to them. At one point, he says out loud, “All the tic tacs in the world will not freshen his mouth after this.” (In the Trump audio, he can be heard remarking about a woman passing by, ““I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her.”

Colbert ends the video by echoing Trump’s line that if you are famous, they let you get away with anything. “ And unfortunately that’s true, because Donald Trump is a Republican nominee. And hopefully, some day, he will be telling the story about how he tried to f**k America and failed.”



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