Topic of the day: Money and Happiness

I said earlier that i would write a post about happiness and i’m sorry it’s coming late but i know you won’t regret the read and don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment box and also share the post.


We feel money and power can bring happiness and solve problems, but they are not definite causes of those desired states. If that were so, it would follow that those who have wealth would necessarily have happiness, and those who do not have wealth would always experience suffering.

Money and power facilitate, but it is clear that they are not the primary causes of, happiness and solving our problems. It is justified for us to make material and financial development for building our nation and providing shelter, etc. for ourselves; we need to do that. But we also need to seek inner development. As we can see, there are many people who have wealth and power who remain unhappy, due to which their health declines, and they are always taking medicines. On the other hand, we find people who live like beggars but who always remain peaceful and happy.

Therefore, in our daily life a certain way of thinking makes us happy, and a certain way of thinking makes us unhappy. In other words, there are certain states of mind which bring us problems, and they can be removed; we need to make an effort in that direction. Likewise, there are certain states of mind that bring us peace and happiness, and we need to cultivate and enhance them.



“Whether or not money can buy happiness, it can buy freedom, and that’s a big deal. Also, lack of money is very stressful. In many ways, having enough money so that you don’t stress about paying rent does more to change your wellbeing than having enough money to buy your own jet.” – Sam Altman


Aren’t the ideas “money doesn’t buy happiness” and “give money to charity” contradictory?

No , these are not contradictory.

The logic behind the saying money doesn’t buy happinessis that we can’t purchase internal satisfaction with the help of money.

And by giving charity , we are not purchasing happiness but it is a self satisfaction which arose in our self by helping others.

The money I donate doesn’t guarantee happiness, though in addition to basic life, it could provide greater comfort.

And in theory, a more comfortable life can afford a person a greater shot at happiness.

The happiness part is entirely up to the individual receiving the charity. To everyindividual, really.



Happiness is not a commodity that you can buy and sell. It is an emotion. The human body (brain) can’t really be sustained on currency. Sure, humans need things that can be bought (food and water) but we also need a lot of other things that cannot be purchased like love.

Happiness is a very relative feeling.
There are people who have next to nothing and are very happy, and some that are rich…yet still commit suicide.

The reason why money probably cant buy happiness is … because its relative.
It depends who you compare yourself with.
If a poor person compares himself with his rich neighbour, it may make him feel unhappy.
However, if he compares himself to another neighbour who is even poorer than him, + has health problems, then he may fee lucky … and happy that he is doing so good.

Rich people tend to be very ambitious…and always compare themselves to even more rich people. This may create an illusion that they are “still not good enough”.


What makes buying happiness a bit harder is that happiness is not a thing, it’s a state of mind.
And as we all know, minds change, adapt and evolve.
People adapt to changes very quickly.
One day you don’t have a phone, the next day you get the newest iPhone and are happy about it.
On third day you hold it like it’s a baby, and a week later you toss it around like its trash 🙂
First day you were happy because it was new to you, and gave you new opportunities and … compared to others you looked ” as good as them ” perhaps.
But then, you quickly became used to it, and it no longer makes you happy the same way as it did on the first few days.

The same way…you get used to being rich, and your wealth no longer makes you as happy as you would think.

Read about the power of money here


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