Atheist smart or stupid?


Atheist : from Greek. atheos “to deny the gods, godless” from a- “without” + theos “a god”.  Being religious doesn’t mean you are stupid. Being an atheist doesn’t mean you are smart.

I’m a christain let’s say I do not think we have magic stuff in us called a soul. I do not think there is a heaven or hell.

My logical mind says I cant really exclude a possibility of a being that has sufficient technology to make it seem to be godly, but my logical mind also says that such a being most likely has never been to earth and if it had it would not be a secret.

My logical mind says that most likely all super-natural or spiritual beings(gods angles dragons elves ghosts) are just figments of an over active imagination.

But can I prove this?

Science is the art of trying, testing, recording and retesting the natural world. The “truth” of science is no more then reproducible observations. Since all reasonable deities can only be observed at their own whim they are out of the realm of science.

Science is not atheism. There is no science in atheism. If it cant be observed tested and reproduced it is not science. Since there is no experiment to test for the lack of a god there is no data to confirm the lack of a god.

Atheism is a belief structure. Ethics is a belief structure. Art, Religion, Fine Dinning, Superstition is a belief structure. You cant argue a belief structure.


The difference between atheism and fundamentalist religions is that most atheists would immediately become religious believers if compelling evidence FOR the existence of a god should ever arise. Religious fundamentalists believe in the existence of a divine being in spite of the lack of evidence for the existence of this being. Religion is about pure faith.. science is about pure truth..
there can be no comparison. the only truth in religion is your personal truth. where as science has no place for interpretation, just fact.

AGNOSTIC touches on ones knowledge….GNOSIS means knowledge.

so everyone is an agnostic…we dont know if there is a god or not, even the theist is an agnostic.

HOWEVER, what position do you live your life by…do you live as though you believe there is a god or do you live as though you do not believe in a god.

that would determine whether you are atheist or not. the definition of atheist is NOT one that says he knows there is no god. it is one where the person lives life as if there is no god.

we are all agnostic as we dont know but whether we are atheist or theist depends on what stance we do take.

Science has found that people are inspired by different things, some by basketball stars, some by religion, and some by money…etc. Some people are inspired by truth. Throughout history man has had an open mind when it comes to improving science because of outdated theories. Usually this is because of technology. Man’s nature is “Us and Them, Now or Never.” With or without religion, I believe man unites with those of proximity, similarities, power struggle…etc. My point is that man is no more civil today than when Adam and Eve walked this earth. So what corrupts people? How many wars have been started because of religion? How do leaders get US to fight THEM? Those who share good and understanding, may God bless you. Those who share evil and chaos, may God show you His way. Those who share truth and science, may God inspire you to not give up simply because you cannot find God NOW. If God were to appear before you, what instruments would you use to prove he is the real deal? Would you believe him when he does a miracle or would you set forth and try to emulate your findings in the lab for verification of this phenomenon? Can the miracle be repeated by another being, and if so, who or what is God? Is there more than one God, scientist?


I thought people had the right to believe in what they want.
The only problem i have with Athieism and religion is that if you teach your views on to a child and not give the child a chance to find its own way of thinking about life
Then how do you know when you grow up that what you were taught to believe in by your parents is true..
We are only on this earth for say 80 years or so if we are lucky, but we could die in the next second.
so sooner or later every one of us will find out if there is a God, why worry about it now…
Enjoy every second of your life it might be your last..
And most of all stop killing each other…
Live with love in your heart, and peace in your life.

I agree with atheism in terms of independent thought because organized religion can be very constricting due to some of the propaganda. But religion does have its virtues as well…well not religion per say, but theology. If people were simply able to reflect and practice self improvement, the golden rule, and base their ethics on the people outside themselves flourishing , not only would they be much happier individually but humanity would be a much more enlightened race.

Of course that is an idea and wont happen anytime soon. I am no island, but I try to live my life with that philosophy, I attempt to create a circle with people with the same ehtos, try to convert people to the same ehtos, and distance myself from people who are selfish, negative, opportunistic, etc.

And to the atheist there is a large gap between atheism and science, they are not even remotely the same. I am a devote lover of God but I am also a scientist and give much respect to science. I see no reason why the two cannot be joined together, just under the condition (as atheists love to point out) that God is not a necessity of creation. Just because it is not a required part of the equation does not mean it isn’t hiding in there anyways 😉


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