No Messi for stagnant goons

It’s 3:20 am and I’m still thinking of how my team arsenal lost their chance to defeat Barcelona or even rescue a draw, even when we believe we tried our best but it ain’t enough even if we won the game we’d still lose the second leg (truth be told),  Barcelona would always defeat Arsenal in a two legged tie why? They are a much better team, a team who strive to improve individually and as a team every year while Arsenal improve little by little every year.

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Why i should be the COESA president

The department is in chaos we lack a lot of basic necessity in the department. Finances are down, the lecture room isn’t of good standard and the we are not well established in so many key areas, Becoming the president i envisage a lot better improvement(Transformation i call it). Here are detailed information about my agendas: Internet access – Living in a neighborhood without communication … Continue reading Why i should be the COESA president